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Denise is the founder of SurgeLinks, an SEO and Web Design agency based in Varese, Italy. She initially got involved with the SEO and web design journey as an outgrowth of her great interest in UI and Visual Design, and her dedication in helping non-profits thrive in the digital world in order to raise awareness and support. On the other hand, she used to sell some products on Amazon and Ebay and had wondered if there was such a way to improve products’ visibility online. To make the long story short, she quit e-commerce. 

Her journey did not end there, she was exposed in the world of strategic marketing when she had the privilege to be part of a financial consulting organization. Though SEO was not in her scope of work, that was never a barrier of her curiosity about search engine results page .

“I was always curious on how to improve the organization’s website visibility and increase its search engine ranking as part of marketing strategy, but because my position was different so, I decided to train myself. I took formal courses and mentored by great SEO specialists. In this life, who can help me grow, if I don’t help myself?”

Denise is grateful that she had the opportunity to be surrounded with people who were catalysts in her life and had moved her to where she is right now.

A result-driven person and her zestful personality drove her to build an SEO and Web design agency. She knows that Google changes its policies regularly. In this fast growing digital world, Denise hopes that through this agency, she will be able to help others especially for businesses online presence. Business is like a family for her, and Denise keeps it on priority. 

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Favourite Bible Verse: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  Philippians 4:13

Honest and Transparent
Cold Tolerance
Community Awareness
Family Oriented
Sense of Humor
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