5 Reasons You Should Not Hire Us For Your Business

Surgelinks - 5 reasons why you shouldn't hire us

Surgelinks love to help businesses grow, but we are not suited to every business owner. This is a hard, but important truth to stomach for any service provider because there are many different types of people in the world, and not every type of person is fit to be a client of a business.

We are looking to grow your business by giving an excellent service at a reasonable price, then with us, you won’t be wasting your time and effort because we never take advantage of you. In this blog, we will share with you the main reasons why we don’t fit you.

You don’t want to invest correctly

Website design prices may vary. The average website cost varies and starts from €500, depending on the website’s size and design. This may be inappropriate for some business owners. We understand. Our websites are a significant investment, but they are exactly a good business investment.

We charge this fee based on time spent and research involved. Whether you want users to sign up for your email list or fill out a contact form on your website, we will create a design concept based on your specific goals. We must fully understand your business to build an effective website for you.

Some business owners don’t want that. They just want an online billboard. If this is what you want, we may not be for you.

We look forward to offering you a good return on investment. To learn more about what you can get for your money, read our latest post, Why digital services are important for your business?

You want us to do all the work

We need your help to help you build the best possible website. Before we start designing your website, we usually have a meeting (zoom/in person). In this meeting, we discuss the important factors that will contribute to building your websites such as the kind of website you want, your products and services, and your target audience. The information that we gather is useful in finalizing the design, it will take some time, but it is essential.

You are in a rush

We understand that in business “Time is Gold”, but if you are looking to have a website in a snap of a finger, then we are not the right agency for you. There is a reason why it will take an average of 2 to 3 weeks to complete your website, depends on the size and design of the website too. Your website is a powerful tool to help your products and services be visible to prospects and increase your sales.

The reason behind this is the process that we follow. Below, is our workflow.

1. Research and Planning stage

In this phase, we gather all the information we need to add to your website and other information you provide. We want to have a clear picture of the goal of your site and how your site should be visually appealing and how useful it will be for your customers.

This process involves brainstorming and discussing various designs for the homepage. Once the plan is set, developers use the sketches to create a wireframe that is used to map out the back end of the site. Web designers create the front end of the site, using a visual editor or a more code-based design tool.

2. Design stage

The design stage in website designing is where the website design gets created. It is one of the most important phases because it helps to create a blueprint of what your website should look like. It’s a part of the process where you create wireframes, mock-ups, browse through the design trends, apply the color palette, typography, and other fonts. It is also the stage where you come up with a layout, a wireframe, a home page, and other pages. The design stage includes a lot of planning. It includes what colors you want for your site, fonts, style, navigation and so many more. Once completed, the final design should follow these guidelines: *The website should be visually appealing without a lot of clutter *Only include the necessary information *You should have a working back end *High-level navigation is included *You should have a grid system to organize sections.

3. Building stage

This stage consists of the set of instructions that leads to the final product. This stage needs to be a success as it can lead to a product being more successful than originally planned. Once the plan is set, our designer uses the sketches to create a wireframe that is used to map out the back end of the site. A web designer creates the front end of the site, using a visual editor or a more code-based design tool.

Once the site is completed, the next stage is “polishing.” This is when the styling of the site is added and any final touches are put in place. Finally, the “launching” stage is when the site goes live for everyone to see.


You don’t have time to communicate with us

We need to have open communication. As the project progress, there may be cases that are unlooked at and we need more information or clarification from you and we need you to give us your time to respond to it.

You want passivity

How nice it will be when all you have to do is hire a web designer and chill as you wait for the dice to roll. Once you have your website online, there are still other things to do to get the attention of your prospects. With your website, you can take your place for public relations by needing your work or always paying someone. In any case, there are action plans to attract website visitors and one of these is SEO Strategy.

For a company to successfully dominate the market, it needs to make sure that it has an SEO Strategy. Google, for example, has a search engine optimization team that focuses on identifying the best keywords for a company and what content is needed to populate the site to maximize visibility. SEO is a strategy that is designed to make sure that your website shows up on the first page of a Google search.

To be a successful entrepreneur, your site must show up on the first page. A couple of things that you can do to help your site rank higher on Google are:

  • Provide the most relevant information on your site
  • Create blog content

Good news! We can help you. Surgelinks also provide SEO services that you need.

So why not us?

We appreciate it if business owners work with us for the right reason. As a transparent and committed agency, we highly value professionalism and respect because we want to be remembered as a name they can trust when it comes to SEO and web design services.

If you are interested to hire us, we would love to hear more about your business and start building our collaboration.

Feel free to contact us!