The What and Why of Digital Marketing


digital marketing

The most fundamental goal of any company is to promote its services or products to let their existence known throughout the market. The means and techniques to promote one’s product or services are known as marketing. Like every other industry, traditional marketing has also evolved into digital marketing which is a more effective and cost-efficient way to promote a brand.

In this article, we will introduce you to this amazing field and show you why digital marketing matters.

What is Digital Marketing?

The world of marketing is extremely vast and ever-evolving. But in a nutshell, the means of promoting a product that utilizes digital devices are called digital marketing.

Articles, social media platforms, emails, videos and websites are some popular digital marketing playgrounds.

You may have noticed ads while scrolling down Instagram. In some cases, you would have even been irritated by these ads while watching YouTube videos. Running ads on such platforms in a compelling and converting way is the basis of digital marketing.

Why Digital Marketing Matters?

According to a study, 91% of consumers purchased a product when they saw a relevant ad on their smartphone. This stat is one of many reasons why companies in the US only spent $335 million on email marketing alone.

Following are a few reasons why you need to adopt digital marketing for your business.


Thanks to a variety of digital marketing strategies and techniques, you can now target your potential customer via emails, blogs, social media, search engines or even through YouTube. This flexibility in choice offers you the freedom to choose any platform you want to market your product.

For example, if your target audience is between 35 – 50, you can run ads on YouTube. You won’t find this age group on Instagram. However, if your target customers are teenagers then Instagram will be a better option.


Digital marketing will give you a deeper understanding of what your customer is actually looking for. With every ad campaign you run, your customer persona will become more and more detailed. You will have a comprehension of the customer’s buying power, trend and concentrations. This will allow you to get rid of the unnecessary clutter and only target the customers which are actually looking for your product.

Cost Efficiency:

Not all start-ups have millions of dollars in store just to run high-end traditional campaigns. This is why digital marketing is a better option for you. You can start digital marketing for a few bucks and then scale up from there with a little help from digital marketing specialists.


In traditional advertising, you are just thrashing all the information about your product to a large crowd. You have no means of understanding what consumers are actually feeling about your product. There is a large gap in terms of customer interaction with traditional marketing.

However, digital marketing can enable you to interact with your customers on a number of levels thanks to a variety of digital marketing strategies. You can find their thoughts in comments, emails, reviews and social media.

This will help you understand in a few days what type of ads work and what doesn’t work, so you can optimize your campaigns even better.

Kill the Competition:

In every industry, there are few big players that have completely dominated the market. It becomes next to impossible for newcomers to stand out. They usually have millions of dollars in the pipeline just for advertising.

This is where digital marketing comes in. Here, your success isn’t dependent on the investment you have. It depends upon the skills you have to better present your product.

There are plenty of factors that affect a digital ad campaign. Most of the so-called digital marketing specialists mostly get something wrong. You can easily target the weak points of your competitors and create a better ad campaign that can stand your brand out in a matter of a few days.

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