Why Is There A Sudden Drop In Your Google Ranking?

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It is a common sight to see fluctuations in Google rankings. But there are times when you can’t help but notice that your Google rank has suddenly dropped, and this can be both frustrating and worrisome. Google doesn’t usually send out notifications about changes in ranking. So the only way to find out what’s going on is by looking at your analytics reports or performing diagnostic tests on your site. Here are some causes of sudden drops in google ranking as well as how you can avoid it.

Rapid content changes:

Google is not fond of sudden changes in content on a website. Changes are limited to some cases such as when the old content has expired and needs to be replaced or when there’s an error that must be fixed right away. But Google doesn’t like major updates, SEO-related changes, redesigns, and other types of changes made without any substantial reasoning behind them.

Technical reasons:

Google algorithm is programmed to find and identify content that is broken, unavailable or duplicated. They’ll then use these as factors in the algorithm for ranking sites. If you have any technical malfunctions on your site such as 404 errors, 500 errors, etc., it will significantly affect Google page rank in the SERPs.

Algorithm update:

The algorithm is the core of Google’s search engine. It determines how relevant your content is and whether it will be featured in the top results or buried on page 20. A change to this algorithm can have a massive impact on google rankings for some sites, while barely affecting others.

When there are major changes made by Google, it usually takes more than two weeks before things return back to normalcy because they need time to update their data set with new information that reflects the latest updates.

Google’s penalization:

If you have been penalized by Google and see a drop in your Google rank, there are things that can be done to get it back up. You will need to clean up the spammy links pointing at your site or those linking out from the site for starters. Remember, there is no magic pill that will enhance your website ranking in one night.

The above tactics do not apply universally; rather they should only be implemented if you know which link network is causing problems on your website because every domain’s situation differs. For example, some sites might benefit more from removing bad page titles than removing bad links.

Higher quality content:

A healthy type of competition exists between websites about who has a higher google ranking based on their SEO efforts and high-quality content creation skills. If this competitive spirit is absent, then Google’s algorithm may take longer to rank your site.

Keep in mind that content is the most fundamental aspect of Google ranking. Try to produce as high-quality content as possible.

Time and patience!

Google has a ton of other factors in its ranking algorithms that we as webmasters cannot control. User experience on our website or social media engagement is few examples, to begin with.

It can be difficult for an SEO expert to tell what exactly caused a drop in google rankings because there are so many variables at play. Therefore it might not make sense to jump into drastic measures like the removal of bad content just yet.

Rather you should give it some more time and see if the problem solves itself through natural growth over time with organic search results coming from Google instead. To work on the whole process of improving your ranking, you need professionals who can help you with it. Surgelinks offers you the service that you need to start optimizing your website. We also provide web design services throughout Varese, Gallarate, Busto Arsizio, Saronno and Cassano Magnago. Contact us and request a free phase 1 website audit.